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Book Reviews


Starting 4/1/18 requests for book reviews will be accepted on a limited basis in the following genres:


Young Adult/New Adult/Adult

   -Coming of Age


   -Urban Fantasy



   -Romance as long as it encompasses a genre above


All reviews will be posted on Amazon/Goodreads/Blog/Tumblr/Twitter unless otherwise requested. Typos happen, you won't be scored down for that but I am an honest reviewer. If you receive a 2-star review or below I will forewarn you before posting, and will not post a DNF to Amazon but will let you know why in private if I cannot make it through the book. I'm an author first and foremost, but I absolutely love to read. Gifted/Sent E-book copies are perfectly fine, I adore paperbacks though. If I really like your book, I'll probably end up purchasing it before submitting my review. I'm a hoarder that way.


Submit a request for review by filling out the form, please don't send your book over before I say "yes," and please do send me a link to your book. Sending the first page is fine if no preview on Amazon is available so I can check out your writing style. 


I will pick 1-3 books at the start of each month and occasionally review more if I have the time!



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Guest Posts


If you're looking for me to do a guest post, or you'd like to do one, don't be shy! Fill out the form below with the information and we can work something out.



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