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Pirates As in Arrrgh?

March 30, 2018

Sea of Thieves has taken over the lives of me and mine. But mostly mine. He is getting to live out a childhood dream due to the creation of a game from Rare Ltd. and Microsoft that allows you to create a pirate, sail on a sloop or a galleon on missions to destroy skeletons, collect items (pigs, chickens, and cobras you have to play music to so they don’t spit in your face), and dig up buried treasure with detailed “X marks the spot” maps.


Sunken ships and hidden reefs to explore, messages in bottles, and real time canon battles to sink other pirates who may attack you or try to steal your loot have sucked my husband into a pretty (albeit still buggy) world and I find myself excited for him and the prospect of the future.


With the soon release of the movie Ready Player One, adapted from the 2011 novel of the same name from author Ernest Cline (which is on my watch and read list) we are now living in an age where the premise of Science Fiction stories and ideas are becoming reality in cases and it makes me excited to be alive in a time where not everything is so exciting. We are living in a world where technology now gives life to works of fiction that could never be created before in a realistic way, and where we can slip on a headset like the Oculus Rift and walk around, move, duck and cover in games that our brains perceive as a great deal more realistic than any other form of entertainment to be had until now.


Aside from the ongoing morality, violence, and equality debates about this subject matter, as a female gamer who has played violent games since I was a young age, and not done terrible things because of it, I can say that this is an aspect of the future I’m looking forward to more and more. This is an adventurous step forward for humanity that doesn’t equal to being destructive towards others in the real world (for us grounded people), or the environment and can make the dreams of some individuals into heart pounding realities. It’s a technology that can be used for greater purposes, for the essential “good” of humanity as a whole if people have the vision to utilize it correctly.


I’m sure that I had some point to this, bookish even that was going to be grand, but it was lost as I was texted by two people, messaged by one then began to read the news because I have the attention span of a raccoon around shiny objects.


More later.

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