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No Longer New?

June 26, 2018

So I was wondering when you’re considered to no longer be a new author. A year? Two? Does it depend on how many books you write, or how many reviews you get? 


This curiosity comes from a place of feeling like I do now, as an adult. Am I really an adult? I mean, honestly? Sure, I’m married, I pay bills, cook and clean, have a house and a dog and a car…but I don’t really feel like an adult and I am days away from turning thirty-one. 


As an author I still feel like I’m wading in the kiddy pool. Floundering under a waterfall that is both refreshing and condescending because I can swim in more than a foot of water, damn it. And who put floaties on me?! At the same time, if you throw me in the deep end I’ll probably just cry and sink because I am positively unsure of myself. 


I know stuff…and things. But not a ton of stuff and things? My talents (if you can call them that) are placed firmly in the writing category of the book world. I suck at editing (also known as I’d rather be slow roasted in the eternal flames of a thousand suns than edit), I cannot graphically design anything, I don’t know how to format, and if you ask me to summarize my book…when I open my mouth all that will come out is a screech of despair. 


And how does one actually submit a book to anyone? 


So, please…dear authors or experts, or anyone that knows anything about anything…am I an adult in the book world yet? Or should I take my 2.5 publications and sit in that foot of water? And how do I get promoted? 


These are the questions I need answered in my life, currently.


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