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Publication Anniversary (And Why I’m Going Backward)

July 5, 2018

In a few days it will be Malefica’s one year anniversary of publication. A “Book Birthday” as it’s called which was also released on my birthday. It was a bucket list kind of thing, I wanted to publish something before I was thirty, and made it by the skin of my teeth. 


As first books go, it sucks. Not the kind of suck of “it’s not redeemable,” because I still love the story, it just sucks in the “I was nervous, it was first, and rushed, and…and…” way, so I’ve decided to update the book, and its sister.


I know that moving in a backward direction when it comes to most things is a negative, but I find myself unable to take pride in my work, and that’s a problem. I’m shy to begin with, but when someone asks me what my book is called and I give a nervous laugh and try to convince them not to purchase it instead of supporting myself, that’s a problem. 


One that I’m going to rectify. 


So…this is my official announcement—Malefica is about to get a serious upgrade, or two. As a matter of fact, the “duology” of books will no longer exist as they are known now. Malefica and Damonium will keep their current covers, their backbone story lines, but will be losing their names, grow more detailed (in the case of Malefica more than Daemonium, who I am far more proud of) and expand into something that I can wave at the masses and tell them to give it a chance without adding the subtext of “take pity on me, I was so young and knew so little.” (Because, you know…I was so young a year ago.)


And they’ll be getting a twisted sister in the form of a triplet to make this series a full trilogy. 

It is important as an author to have a backlist of books that I’m sure will always be embarrassing in some way, but ones that you can be proud of as being your first publications. Ones that can be enjoyed for what they are—a beginning to a long career of doing what is loved. 


These books will also be pitched to a few bigger publishers, so it will be at least six months (give or take, here’s hoping for the take) before the updated versions are re-released, and the last book is published. I am hoping the wait is worth it, and this new trilogy finds a comfortable home and stamp of approval.


So, hello, book birthday, and goodbye Malefica and Daemonium.


Hello future investments and endeavors. 


Hello learning and growing.


And hello:


The Malevolent


The Demonic




The Corrupt. 

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