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January 18, 2019

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Shamefully Neglectful

November 8, 2018

I’m not going to make excuses for my lack of blogging, it is what it is. Forgetful, neglectful, lazy. It happens.

Maybe too much? But when I get taken out of routine—which has been happening, a lot—bad things happen. Like I forget to do what I probably should be doing in order to get more interest from future publishers?


If that’s a thing? 


I kind of hope it’s not because clearly, if I can’t keep up with blogging every week then timelines and I are not the best of friends—punctuality is important kids. Or so the world makes you believe.


I’m not going to lie and say I don’t prefer Gandalf’s view on time, or that I haven’t fantasized about going away for a month, throwing away all of my clocks and only doing things when I feel like it. Circadian Rhythm and all that. I feel like it’d be incredibly freeing (and disorienting) to not live by the tick of a clock.


Anyway, back to this whole blogging thing. 


I have things I need to do/accomplish/etc. and sometimes a lack of motivation to do so. Being in a writing slump for a few months has taught me absolutely nothing about myself I didn’t already know, but committing to NaNoWriMo, having some disagreements with my writing, then finding my way is helping me more than I could imagine.


I feel good. 


Now all I need is the motivation to take down my current books, change up my website to reflect future goals and just keep swimming. (That’s a joke, but also fact because I’m going back to the gym today with the singular purpose of turning into a fish.) 


However in all of my darkened lameness and insecurities there was a decidedly bright and, well, shining moment. 


I did vote. 



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