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New Year, Same Me

January 10, 2019

Happy New Year! 


I wish I could concoct something profound out of the ether today in celebration of adding a +1 to the count of our lives, however…I am just about off of vacation and my brain refuses to leave its imaginary island early.


Things didn’t end on a fantastic note last year, despite all of the best laid plans I had charted, mapped, demanded of my life, and I am well on my way to accepting that. The chant of “this year has to be better” has been on my lips, and thus far, it feels exactly the same. I have also accepted that things feel the same until you make them feel different. 




“New Year, New Me” is a saying that has left my vocabulary, because let’s face it…you’ll always be the same you, it’s just how you attack your goals, and nothing feels quite like the perfect restart than the 1/1/XXXX.


For me? My plans have already been altered by a week because I chose to delay them and my goal for this year is to not suffocate myself by being rigid and punishing my lack of motivation on the backside. Can we say “vicious cycle”? Also, a friend has charged me with the idea that anytime I say something negative about myself I have to bump it with two positives…


And if that isn’t a big enough goal, I’m not sure what is.


So here we are in 2019, same me, sitting here in pajamas I stole from my mother after I took a shower at her house because my hot water heater decided it was also done with 2018 and sacrificed itself to the swiss cheese gods. I have just purchased my planner, a notebook I didn’t need, and I believe the rest of my focus this week will be planning the rest of the month, organizing my office, and preparing myself for Monday.


Because that is when the work starts, and this same me works on being the best me possible.

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